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For All Hopeless Romantics
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Are you currently in love? At what moment was it that you knew you were in love?

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Hmmm... I'd have to say yes, the same person for over 30 years. We're married for 30 years now, and I still love him deeply; I'd say I am still in love with him. As to when exactly, I couldn't say. We were friends first, studied our college courses together, ate together in the dining hall. It just grew naturally from that and, above all, we are still great friends and really good partners in life together. It's not always easy, not always roses and candy, but we always can depend on each other.


And that's the kind of love that lasts, because it's based in reality.

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This is a vast question. Hmmm. Love. I could love anything. I can love food? Music? People? Animals?

The question is am I currently in love? Oh my dear sir, love beyond measure I am in.

What moment did I know that I was in love? There was a time I'd say, you just always know. But there was a moment I realized that I truly loved art. Of all kinds. Words, pens, paint, instruments, music, stories were all sweeping me off my feel. But when I truly fell in love, was when I stopped seeing the world in black and white. When I saw it in color. When I knew that this was it, I would always see the world in so many beautiful ways now. Everything is romantic and amazing. Regret, guilt, anger, stress. It can all be made beautiful.

Now if the question is with a person? I wouldn't say I am currently "IN" love, but I do love people. With whole parts of my being. :)

I don't know if that's what you wanted.

Is Writer's Block coming back anytime soon?

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