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Here, Try This
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Name a few foods that you hated as a kid but that you've grown to love as an adult. Why do you think your opinion of these foods changed over time? Similarly, what's something you couldn't get enough of as a kid that you'd be horrified at the thought of eating now?

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There were few foods I disliked as a child, but I detested liver and beets. At the age of 18, I discovered that the reason I disliked liver was textural: well done liver feels "mealy" in my mouth. Rare liver is fabulous! That same year, I found out that cold beets in salad or with sour cream tastes amazing.

I loved Campbell's Split Pea soup growing up and could eat it everyday. I bought a can of it on a whim years ago to have for lunch. I tasted it and gagged. It is so salty! I had to throw it out. Never touching it again.

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