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What goes where, now?
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Are you good at building or assembling things (furniture, toys, etc), or do you find yourself frustrated every time you have to put something together? Would you pay more to get something delivered fully assembled, just to avoid having to do it yourself?

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I love putting things together! Especially equipment, because you can better diagnose issues if you know where all the parts fit. I've put together bookcases, grills, desks and exercise equipment. Odd thing about the exercise equipment; we put it together, and everything we put together worked beautifully. One of the pre-assembled parts, however, wasn't working right. Turns out they manufactured it with the wrong parts. Axle was too long, one of the bushings was too big, thus causing too much play. That cracked the other bushing. A tech had to reassemble the joint with the proper parts. Unbelievable! Took almost a month to get the parts in, then the tech. Now I've lubricated everything and it's working nicely...

So no, I wouldn't want to pay someone to assemble things for me, not while I'm physically able to do it myself!

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