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Mending Fences
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could restore one broken relationship from your past, which would it be? Why would you pick that one, and what happened that caused the relationship to deteriorate originally? What's been the best relationship you've ever had, and why was it so special?

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Not exactly a need to mend but I've lost a few friendships mostly through time.

First one was my school friend Sabine. I saw her profile on xing and tried to contact her but she never replied. Well, she was a strange one when she was young already.

Then there was my other school friend and close friend and neighbour for all my teenage years, Christina. I found her on xing too, messaged her, asked if she wanted to talk on the phone. She was all "OMG" enthusiastic and said she'd rather meet. That was the last I heard from her. *sigh*

There are two people from university I'd love to contact again. One was our lab assistant, Sabine. She was a lovely but lonely person. I could dump all my sorrows and worries on her. Yet, when she had worry she never came to me. It was a bit strange. She later studied medicine and I tried to contact her when I found her email addi online. We had a lab meeting with everyone there, but she didn't reply nor did she come.

And then there's my best friend from college, Sonja. We were what you would now call BFFs from the first prep day all through college until we finished our diploma. She moved back to Hamburg where her bf was. We kept in touch for some years. I visited her in Hamburg. I'm not sure she ever came to one of the placed I moved to. Can't remember. Then, after a while, she stopped calling. I called for her birthday, I kept writing or emailing for a while, but then stopped. It looked like she'd just decided it's not worth the effort any more, since we couldn't spend a lot of time together and more.

This last one makes me sad. We were so close, we shared so much, and I wish she hadn't broken it off. I don't think I'm the one to mend fences though. I think I should take a hint and move on.

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