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Your Huddled Masses
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What are your thoughts on the refugee crisis in Syria? Wherever it is that you live, do you want your city/state/country to take in refugees? Why or why not?

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OK, I see all kinds of things being mentioned here, but there are some very critical questions no one is asking.

How many Arab countries are there? Not counting Syria, 21 (Iran is not Arab technically).
Are they taking in these refugees? No.
Why not?

Most critical of all, why isn't the rest of the world on their case for not doing so? Why are they taking this upon themselves without asking their Arab neighbors to help? Could it be that we don't expect them to do anything about it? What a discriminatory attitude, then!

These are questions that need to be asked before everyone else starts taking them in, especially the "Why not?" question. There must be a good reason why not, right? Then we can evaluate what to do...

Flip the whole thing on its head.

Arab countries do take refugees. Jordan right now is flooded with them.

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