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Count Backwards from 10
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Have you had any major surgery in your lifetime? What was it (if you feel comfortable talking about it) -- did it help you like it was supposed to? Are you generally fearful of such surgeries, or is it no big deal to go 'under the knife'?

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I have spina bifida, and I like to say I can never remember if I had 14 surgeries by the time I was 12, or 12 surgeries by the time I was 14. (apologies to Dylan Thomas) Most of them were when I was an infant and very young.

The worst part for me, honestly, was getting the IV in before surgery. I have terribly small veins and they often have to stick me multiple times before getting it in right. I hate it. Surgery itself isn't awful, because you wake up and often can't even remember going under. Recovery sucks but it's a distant memory now (I'm in my 30's).

Most of the surgeries helped, but there were a couple that were still experimental in the 80's that failed. It took them a few tries to get my bladder to the point where I didn't constantly wet myself.

Fortunately I lived close to Boston which has some of the best hospitals in the country. They were amazing and I still remember some of the staff to this day.

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