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Popcorn Time!
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What movies being released in the upcoming holiday movie season are you most excited about (if any)? Have you ever gone to a midnight showing on opening day for a very popular movie -- did you enjoy it, or would you rather have just slept in and went to see it the next day? If you could re-release any one movie from the past to the "big screen", what one would you choose and why?

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excited about several movies. will see how many i can see.
have been to the midnight showing, one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. off to the far side and in the front makes odd angles. wish i had waited so i could sit more centrally. was not so keen on the movie i saw it again in the theatres. did see it at someone's house.
now i have no interest in going to any movie at midnight.
i go to the Brattle, they re-screen classic movies all the time.

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