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lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What's making you angry in your life right now? Is the problem a new development, or something you've been dealing with for a while? What are you doing to fix the issue (if it's under your control)?

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The fact that I live in a country of racists.

I knew this. Theoretically. Intersectionality and anti-oppression politics and yadda yadda yadda but it's one thing to know, abstractly, that white supremacist structures exist and another thing to see a corrupt totalitarian-minded government likely to be reelected because Canadians are quivering piss-babies afraid of a woman wearing a piece of cloth over her face. It's shameful and disgusting and the entire nation ought to be cringing in shame at the poll numbers, but instead I'm the one cringing in shame because I'm associated, by virtue of skin colour and geography, with quivering piss-babies.

(This is not coherent because I have made a new friend in the neighbourhood and she got me wasted. So I am happy-drunk but also still angry.)

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