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Option B
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Have you ever cheated at a test? If so, how did you feel afterward? Did you get away with it? If not, what kept you from doing it?

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I think i did it two or three times in my school and college years. The first time i remember when i was in the intermediate school, i was 15 years old. Till now i feel thankful for that girl who helped me. I used to be so smart schoolgirl and my grades were always so high, so i always feel bad when i face any question i cant answer. And that time i really needed help, that's why i did it :D But i still hate cheating at exams, it is not acceptable to me. When i got older i accept whatever happens in exams and never asked for help again till one time when i was freshman at college. I was helpless and hopeless at that subject.

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