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Back to School
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What advice would you give someone who's debating what to do after high school -- would you recommend college, a technical school, straight into the work force, volunteer work, or something else? If you're old enough to have "been there, done that", did you make the right choice?

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I'd suggest to really get an idea what you want to go to school for, before and while in college. Intern, volunteer, get a concept of what doing that work will actually be like. And the work experience will really help you get jobs later (or many more internships, as in my case). And don't feel pressured to go to college, especially not right away if you're not feeling ready or motivated. Also, don't put so much weight on your post-high school decisions that you get totally overwhelmed or feel you can't change them. You can.

I would say, it does not matter!
I know it is stressful and you want to make the right decicions... the truth is, you can't. You just make a decicion, and see where it gets you.

I got high grades, got into dream university highway to dream life - but it just wasn't me, I chose to give up on someone else's dream, and went adventuring instead.
My friend, wanted to do so much... but got pregnant, felt like her life ended... but, instead now she has a wonderful kid AND she went back to school, working on a degree! Isn't that something? No, it's more than that!
Just stop worrying, you will get there, eventually. Life is not a point A to point B. It is wibbley wobbley timey wimey thing, and we all take our own paths.

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