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The Leg Lamp is Mine
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If your partner asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement, would you do it? What things do you feel are reasonable to be in such an agreement? What would be a deal-breaker that you wouldn't ever sign?

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Well, there's a big problem in some communities where the couple might get a civil divorce, but the man might hold a woman prisoner with not granting the religious divorce or the woman will refuse to receive the divorce decree. It happens way too often, so some of the clergy won't do a marriage without both partners signing a prenup. It's a little different from the kinds being discussed here. The main purpose is to ensure that, should one partner really wish to leave the other, neither party will hold the other hostage to an undesired marriage. These are valid in civil courts, and have saved many people from being trapped in a marriage they don't want, while preserving the sanctity of marriage for those who want it.

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