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Green Time
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
How much do you consider the environment when making day to day decisions (what to buy, what to throw away or recycle, etc)? For the environmentally conscious, what's one simple thing that is environmentally friendly that you wish more people would do?

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Healthier Happier People

Being from the old school I was taught by my parents not to litter the street and to throw things in the trash. I have been doing that for years. Ah, the trash.. Now, someone makes money by you recycling stuff. Not you. You work for them separating stuff. You don't get paid. The only result is your clean environment? I want people to drive less, walk more. Have sidewalks put on all the roads. The result would be the a healthy air and the price of gas would go down which would mean all the prices would drop on everything..The result of that would be Healthier Happier people smiling more.

I hate wasting food and buying stuff I don't need. Usually I write a list on my cell and I try to plan meals ahead of time. Stuff like 'am I going to wear it?' has become more important to me (clothing) and 'do I actually need it? (electronic.. but also food)+. ... As for people.. I wish people would plan ahead more, and take a few extra minutes just considering if they actually need something or not (and if they can afford it.. but thats something else). That way they may buy less and use what they have before it expires.

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