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Can't Put It Down Fast Enough
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
How bad does a book have to be for you to stop reading, or do you always plow through no matter what? What are some examples of books you stopped reading, or forced yourself to keep reading until the end? What made these books so horrible?

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I once went about 90 pages, but I was too meh about the characters. It was an author I really liked, too, but don't want to force myself to read a book when there are so many others out there just waiting.

One book that I remember I stopped reading was Louisa May Alcott's "Jo's Boys." I just couldn't connect with the prose. I think I lost it at a passage about Meg's twins, Margaret and Demijohn, aka Daisy and Demi; that Demi kid talked with a lisp that was supposed to be adorable but was in fact totally annoying.

Unfortunately, one of my teachers picked the book out and made me write a book report on it...let's just say that my final grade was spectacularly bad.

Then again, I never agreed with that teacher on what I should be reading. I preferred humorous stories set in a realistic contemporary setting. (Although I do think that her assigning us Mary Norton's "The Borrowers" was an excellent idea. I loved Arrietty's world and tried to replicate it in a diorama, although I couldn't make the cigar-box ceiling with the painted angels.)

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