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The Sound of Childhood
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could make a playlist of 20 songs that sound like your childhood, which songs would be on it? Why would you choose those particular songs?

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The sound of childhood can not be described in one representation. It is a passing train on nearby tracks, of birds tweeting at early sunrise. It is call of your mother awaking you to get ready for school. It is the compiled laughter and screams of other children during recess.
It is the shifty dread of night with the pops and crackles of the house settling and the old floor furnace going on and off. It is that song on the radio you had never heard before but it changed your life forever when you did. It is the flirting whispers of that boy in math class (the one that tried to put his hands up under your skirt when the teacher had his back turned). The sound of childhood is also the weeping and mourning associated with tragedies and losses, ... of grieving family at funerals and of your own tears as well when you disobeyed and suffered the resulting consequences. It is the sound of your own voice when you yelled at the other children in your own defense as they sought to make an example of you in a myriad of ways before the other children witnessing. It is the sound of your crying in the night when you feel so completely alone in the world. It is the sound of quarrels between your parents, of glass breaking, and of things being thrown and doors being slammed. It is the sound of the phone ringing when you skipped school and the school is calling to let your parents know it. It is the sound of flowing waters and gentle breezes in the desolate forest. It is the careless cursing of some adults and the kind words of others. It is the sound of your pet hamster running relentlessly in it's wheel for what seems to be all day and night. The sound of childhood is the magic associated with auditory perception during our infancy and slightly beyond, when emotions become forever encapsulated in neat packages which lie forever in our subconcious paradigms, ... or, at least, for the remainder of this life.

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