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lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Do you tend to swear a lot? If so, what curse word(s) do you use the most? If you're not someone that swears a lot, do you substitute words like "shoot" or "fudge" instead?

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i swear a lot when i was a gradeschool pupil! then less frequently when i was ib middle school to the point that i actually stopped cussing.

But then two years ago, idk why but i started swearing again (if profanities are considered) like im not very much a religious person but i always say:

sweet lord
jesus christ!
ugH god
jesus son of mary!

and when i am angry (as in extreme level of mad), i shout the F word inside my head and mutter shit and some local curse words (which imo, sounds more like a real cuss compared to the F word)

damn that was long

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