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On Top of the World
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What's the tallest building you've ever been to the top of? Did you ride the elevator or take the stairs the whole way? Was there anything interesting at the top (dining room, etc)?

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I ate at Windows of the World. You know, on top of WTC. after it got bombed once. And the food wasn't very good.

I ate in the Eiffel tower too.

And at the top of the Marriott Marquis, our home-away-from-home(another revolVing restaurant).

but, the question isn't where have you eaten that's up high.

Also, my high-rise in Manhattan. I lived on the 10th floor, but Jackson and I made friends with Mamta and Milan, on the 53rd floor. Iirc, it went to 58 storeys. I ate there too!

But, there are a shit-ton of skyscrapers I worked in at one point or another. I'm sure I ate on the roof there too (;

Not a fan of tourist architecture in modern cities though.

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