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lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Have you ever broken something that belonged to someone else? What was it and how did it break? Did you replace it?

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First time I borrowed the BF's car (it was too cold for mine to start) it got whacked by another driver in the parking lot of my place o' employment. Didn't know until a coworker came in and asked me where my car was and to please not say I drove the white one in the employee area. After my shift I discovered a huge bite had been taken out of his back bumper (yay, plastic parts plus below zero temps!) and I totally lost my shit. I offered to buy a new one, and got my mom to order it through her work... but now we can't ever get in touch with the parts manager to go pick it up... damn bumper is over $200 and that doesn't include installing it or painting it to match the car. *sigh*

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