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Time Travel
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could go back in time, what period would you choose to visit first? What interests you about that period? Would you want to live there permanently if you could?

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Well the thing of it is while this might be nice to contemplate time travel it is impossible because time itself doesn't exist outside the human imagination. It has been said "time is what prevents everything from happening at once" which is funny but untrue. Time is the mental concept that humans rationalize in order to not go mad comprehending the truth, that things are happening and we desire ways to measure it.
We say the year is the period of a single orbit of the earth around the sun and that is true but all is really happening is the earth is going around the sun. That and nothing more. How many days are there in a Venus year? Less than one. If we were on a different planet all our concepts of time would be different than they are. We would never have gotten the idea of dividing the sky into 360 degrees because our uear would be a different number of days.
Things are just happening of their own. We are the things which imagine we can measure how 'quickly' or 'slowly' when in fact we are just making arbitrary assignments to things happening. The idea of now, before now, and future too are all just inventions of the human mind. There isn't really a future or past or present, none of them are legitimate provable things but loose philosophical concepts. I hate to even use the word philosophical here though because philosophy is the pursuit of truth, and time is an illusion.

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