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Name That Baby
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Is there any specific significance behind your given name? If you were named after or in honor of someone, what made that person special? If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be?

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I am named after my mother's grandmother (my great-grand, of course). She died before I was born, but according to my mother, she was quite the character and my mother's hero.

At age 16 she and her new husband emigrated to Canada from Northern Ireland; I inherited a tablecloth or two from her trousseau. They ended up homesteading in Sasketchewan. Their eight children included three sets of twins and two singletons; I'm think my grandmother was one of the singletons. My great-grandmother was shorter than my mother who was slightly over 5' tall, and all of great-grandma's children topped 6'...except my grandmother who was only 5' 11" because "no lady is ever 6' tall."

My mother said that on Granny's last visit to Philadelphia in the early 30's, she wanted to fly home. In 1932, 1933 flying was still risky, and her children and grandchildren ganged up on her and put her on the train bound for Regina, Sasketchewan. The next day they got a Western Union telegram from Washington, D.C., "Train too slow. Flying home." She had slipped her leash. FanSee

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