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Since Sliced Bread
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What do you think is the greatest invention of all time? Why? Are there any inventions you wish had never been made?

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My default answer is to say that written language is humanity's best creation. I'm an avid reader, a would-be writer, an English teacher, and a visual learner. I love written language and would be pretty lost without it.
Our worst creation, though? That's much harder to say.
I don't know that many of our inventions are inherently bad; it's just our capacity to use things so poorly that causes so much trouble.

I think the world could do without the capacity for nuclear warfare.

Without the invention of the Spitz-Holter shunt, to treat hydrocephalus (a neurological condition), I wouldn't be alive today. Prior to the invention of that shunt, about 20 yrs before I was born, children with hydrocephalus rarely lived past their teens, and their day-to-day existence was excruciatingly painful. I celebrated my 43rd birthday in January.

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