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Wallflowers Unite
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Are you introvert, extrovert or somewhere in the middle? How does this affect your day-to-day life? Is there any time you wish you could be more reserved or more outgoing?

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I am an introvert. I can blend well with extroverts, in that I am not afraid to speak publicly of that which I know and even enjoy some large gatherings, such as concerts. That said, my favorite jobs have been those where I do my own thing with minimal interaction with others ... and I have always needed more 'alone time' than most. I did not know I was an introvert until discussing a swift, uncomfortable situation with someone that suggested I read three books (about introverts). Random quirks all made sense to me and I became comfortable in my own skin. Hell ... I felt confident about those quirks for the first time, ever.

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