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lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Do you personally believe they play any role in the development of autism or other chronic diseases? What diseases would you like to see a vaccine manufactured against over your lifetime?

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The studies which supposedly showed a link were shown to be fraudulent. Sad that this happens, but it does. Vaccines are important and necessary unless there is a medical reason. Those of us who have no medical reason need to protect those who do by getting vaccinated to prevent them and us from getting sick.

No, I don't think they cause autism and other diseases. And I believe that no one is forcing you to take it or not to take it. It's you're own opinion once you hit a certain age. Your health is your health, and if you want some more protection from being sick, you have the option to get something for it.

It is important that we have vaccinations. Some, like flu shots should be a matter of personal preference.

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