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Rollercoasters or swings?
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Do you enjoy going to amusement parks? What's your favorite type of ride? Which do you avoid at all costs?

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Amusement parks are largely pointless for me. The vast majority of the rides are roller coasters of some flavor. I have neurological issues, so I can't ride rollercoasters. If a merry go round or a ferris wheel spins too fast, it can make me sick. I can't swim, and I don't really enjoy water sports that much, so waterparks are right out too. Even if the rides weren't an issue, the parking/entrance fee is usually so outrageous that I can think of better ways to spend that amount of money.

Both; but for a more graceful ride, swings :))

my favorite ride of all time is The Claw. its the one where it spins and swings side to side. First, the harness comes down. Then the floor drops out and your legs are left swinging. Then the ride starts really slow, just kinda shifts; and then the walls around the ride fall down. Now, it starts swinging/spinning. its low, at first, but then the person running it usually yells something like "ready to go even higher?!" and then punches the button to push us practically vertical.

the ride that i havent worked up the guts to go on yet is the Zipper. that's the thing that looks like a long skinny ferris wheel, but all the cars spin while it's going around.

Love roller coasters if only I am not taking an emotional one.
Swings are as lovely but the hazzle of having to look for someone to push me.

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