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We'll be right back...
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
How do you feel about TV advertisements -- do you enjoy them or find them a waste of time? What commercial has stuck with you the most (whether you loved it or hated it)?

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I despise them. If I'm on "commercial" stations, I quickly hit the mute button. I may forget to come back but frankly, it's better to miss something than to have my ears blown off or my mind turned to rot with advertisment lies. :P

They just 'exist' to me. But I hardly ever watch television
nowadays. I have a digital antennae for HDTV but my reception isn't
so good. I used to have cable, but found myself watching television so infrequently, I couldn't justify the cost. The closest analog to television commercials now would be the advertising that happens in front of youtube videos occasionally. I see those as a waste of my time.

I guess the Kool-Aid commercials were kind of memorable, with people shouting, "Hey, Kool-Aid," and the pitcher man bursting through a wall.

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