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Answer for question 4178.
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Do you or have you ever collected anything? If so, how did you get started? If not, would you like to start a collection of something?
I have recently took an interest in nail art and started collecting anything i can get my hands on to create my own mini nail salon

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Boooks. BOOks and MORE BOOKS.... but then like people, you have to part with some even the most dearly beloved. If I had all the books I HATED to part with still then I'd never get in my door!

Stamps... I started collecting in l935 when I found my Gran had a cigar box full of Victorian stamps.. Twopenny Reds and Penny BLACKS (lord worth a fortune now! and the odd ha'penny blue). I also collected pretties from countries that now have different names like Tanganyika and Upper Volta, and had pictures of ancient airplanes on... The books were worth a fortune and my brother stole them and sold them. Well, he's dead now so it didn't help him much!

Hi there, how is everyone there? All here are well now. Chris was under the weather for a while, better now. The gout thing raised its head again, but I solved it with Aleeve. Take care, love ya..

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