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bunny - staff (text right)
astronewt wrote in writersblock
I'm sorry to bring you this news, but Writer's Block will be discontinued for at least a while when our upcoming Release 94 is rolled out live sometime next week. New daily questions will no longer be posted to this community after that point. As most of you know, the current format had several posting-related issues, and lately had stopped displaying everyone's public answers from the View Answers link entirely.

This and other reasons have caused the decision to be made to just completely disable it for now. If anyone knows of other LiveJournal communities that offer a daily question for people to answer, please feel free to comment with such links.

We're discussing ways to revive and expand upon the Writer's Block concept, and I certainly hope we can bring you something in the future that works more reliably and will return the daily question format back to LiveJournal. Thanks.

Oh that's a shame. I really do enjoy Writer's Block.

Me too! I hardly ever answered them myself, but I really liked scrolling through other people's answers to the questions. Always found something interesting or funny or whatever, pretty much every day.

So I am doing what I can to push for getting it completely fixed up (or more likely, redesigned entirely so that it doesn't have the problems it currently has) and back in place when we can, because I think it's a cool little thing to have. :)

Ah, shame! I really did like having the questions for an idea for something to blog about. I do hope a solution is found and it doesn't get totally abandoned! I'd like to see a return to lj's frontpage even. Thanks for the warning/info tho!!

I agree, I hope it returns to the front page also. It prompted many a discussions in my own LJ.

Hope you can get it fixed!

This is a shame. :/ I answered them almost every day, even though my entries are friends locked.

My heart is bleeding chunky peanut butter...er, yah.

it's a shame... it really helped me talk about other topics...

That's too bad, but on the other hand I also understand because the troubles with formatting were really getting annoying. I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone who's working on finding a solution to bring Writer's Block back :)

You killed Writer's block ...... You ......

It been going down hill incs you move it off the main page.

Okay, so how can we help? Is there a way to find a source for daily questions or to find a way to post daily questions that are user-generated somewhere else?

Pity; I found it opened up discussion between friends and others.

Awww, I'll miss it. Work very very hard and bring it back, 'kay? FanSee

This is a good thing, I think. I really liked this, too, though I didn't use it often. Some of the most interesting discussions with my friends have come through writer's block. If nothing else I can elicit a laugh from my buds.

Hope to see it return in all its glory.


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This and other reasons have caused the decision to be made to just completely disable it for now.

Am I the only one who wonders why you're being so vague about just what the "other reasons" actually are?

(Suspicious comment)
I really hope you fix these issues soon. Quite honestly the only reason why I kept my lj this long was because I always found these questions very interesting and fun to answer. I would hope it would have generated discussion amongtt my other friends but that didn't happen.

Since this community and the community i follow have stopped posting things on a consistant basis I may get rid of my account. I may still answer these questions on my tumblr if that's alright.

That really sucks. I really enjoyed these.

I agree.. this really sucks. :(

also.. I find it pretty crappy that LJ is taking this stance..

I wish i could say I was surprised, but I'm not. LJ's developers have pushed a whole bunch of code out.. often when it's not ready.. or tested with all the browsers. It's not surprising to me that they continue to have issues.