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Independence Day
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What do you think are the best ways to help a child learn to be independent and self-sufficient later in life?

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Prepare for a party and send the kid out to get some biscuits at the other end of town.
Then MOVE before they get back.
It's like chucking the kid in the deep end of the pool or a canal...
they'll learn to swim... bloody fast!

This can be augmented by tying heavy weights or fetters to the ankles, but don't fasten the ankles together; that's not fair.

oh and for those preparing flames as I type.....


You could just call him Sue.

but he might grow up to be a lawyer

Did you get your ginger snaps from Trader Joe's?

Teach him, or her, right from wrong

Whenever appropriate explain decisions that you make and ask his or her opinion. When the child is given the opportunity to make a decision acknowledge when its a good one. Reason through it with them when its a poor decision. Never get critical unless the decision is a mean or cruel one. Be there when they fall to minimize the damage but remember that a skinned knee is part of learning.

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