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I Wish I May
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
When you see a shooting star, find a four leaf clover, get the bigger half of a wish bone, or catch a fallen eyelash... What do you wish for?

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live at happy place when everything that happens are happines with happy people surrounding me,,,

Hi, I answered the post, and it wouldn't put it up on my wall... :( bummer... GOOD topic

Hi There I have been having trouble with this as well.. for quite awhile. I emailed LJ support last week and they said they are working on fixing it.

Fingers crossed, I really like Writer's Block.

Return to America soon on another Trafalgar tour.

I used to wish on shooting stars a lot when I Was younger. At this point I forgot what I wished for but if I were to wish on a shooting star now the one thing I'd wish for would bbe world peace. I am sick of seeing so much in the news about wars and bloddt revoluttions.

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