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Senior Living
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What steps are you taking to prepare for your retirement -- 401k, independent investing, squirreling cash in the backyard? Do you think you'll be able to retire at 62 or 65, or do you think you'll have to work longer?

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If I watch in France how hard it is to find a single job, I think I'll be working a looooong time.

I'm just trying to survive today, tbh.

Why worry about retirement when the elite (business and governmental rulers) plans euthanasia for a majority of us, mere mortals, and we will be pushing up daisies long before any of us see retirement, just look to the Elberton Georgia guide stones. Those of us who survive “the culling,” will be neutered or spayed, RFID chipped, and demoted to serfdom and history will repeat itself when we will return to a caste system similar to the dark ages. The rest of us who are euthanized will have our stem cells harvested so the beloved elite can live hundreds of years just like the stories of mythical vampires. All they will care about is stem cells, control and power leaving a bleak future for the rest of us “sheeple.” This is the rise of the long awaited New World Order, which is Satan’s Kingdom on earth. This kingdom will make promises of peace, but war will be the order of the day. The kingdoms of the earth are Satan’s to give to whom he will and to please Satan all you have to do is arise and kill much flesh. For Satan was a murderer from the beginning, and his children will be murderers. As the father is, so are the children. It is at this point that our beloved leader, Anti-Christ, that is to arise in the future will break the agreement that he made with the Jews, turn and attack them, which will unleash the wrath of God. The God whom all demons call El-Elyon, possessor of Heaven and earth, the very God the Christians call Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. At this point, the question is not can you keep your life and the answer is no, because everyone dies, no exceptions. The question becomes can you keep your immortal soul and not be a part of the kingdom of Satan and share in the Judgment of this wicked kingdom, which is eternal damnation in the lake of fire?

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