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Bigger, but Not Always Better
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
There's a trend in recent years to re-release popular movies as 3D versions, or with extra extended scenes, or other tweaks and additions. Do you generally approve of these changes, or do you wish they'd just leave the original well enough alone?

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For some reason this entry will not show up properly in my journal. Not sure what is wrong.

To answer the question:
I do not mind watching the deleted or exteneded scenes. I do wish they'd just stick to the original formats of viewing the movies though. The tickets for 3D movies are slightly more expensive then general admissions for a regular movie. Also I have a vision impairment so re-releasing so many movies in 3D puts me at a disadvantage because I can't see in 3D because of my impairment.

They are not working on mine either. ;_;

i like to see extended scenes or behind the scene versions , but i am not a big fan of this 3-D scenerio, most of the times these kinda movies end up giving me headaches .

And the few 3D movies I've seen don't actually do anything to take advantage of the 3D-ness.

and that is so true.. it sort of makes 3-D pointless

Like I want to see forced eye surgery from the victim's POV at the hands of a serial torturer if I'm going to see a 3D movie. Or have a movie in a small Northern European village during the winter where all the characters are emotionally repressed in their dysfunctional families and the landscape is desolate--in 3D!--for the sheer, why was that in 3D?, make people confused, reaction.

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