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Something Seems Different
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
You wake up as a member of the opposite sex. What is the very first thing you do?

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I think I'd look confused and have balance issues as things aren't in places where I'm used to them. Not having large female assets would definately confuse me...

the first thing i would do is go in front of the mirror and see if i am a handsome man. seriously, call me shallow or whatever but i know that i'll be doing that.

(Deleted comment)
i know right? i mean, if you're gonna be turned into a man, you need to know if you are handsome one or not.

Have a wank, look in a mirror, then wake my girl up and tell her I had a penis and could we shag please.

Beside screaming "what the fuck"? I don't know...

I'd take a really long shower....

Masturbate to see how it feels, to use equipment that doesn't have a long reloading time.

i'd probably scream and be generally confused, then check out my schlong.

Hello This is a general comment not really related to the question. When I post these answers to my journal nothing seems to be showing up in the entry. Is anybody else expereincing this problem?

Rich text wouldn't work for me, but when I made sure the answer was the html option, I could post.

Switched the format to rich text it still isn't working :(

Same here. In html I can't even paste in a copied text.

Moderators please feel free to weigh in on this. I find this to be very confusing.

i would love to wake up as a man life a a girl is annoying

I will just scream what is wrong with me! I am enjoying my current make. So why the unexpected change? That will be the seventh wonder in the world!

Aside from freaking out because waking up male would be scary, I'd have to give the whole peeing standing up a try. It really sucks when you have to go and there's no other option except a dingy public restroom. ack...

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