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Run Along
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Are you a runner? If so, what's your favorite place to jog/run, and what's the furthest you've ever gone in one shot?

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I live in America, so I don't know how helpful telling you a place would be. I love running and I'm pretty good at it, but usually I run around a track or in a circle. Running in Central Park is my choice though.(I live in New York)there is a lake were runners, joggers, and walkers use. In the morning you'll see alot of people doing their own thing. Their so much trees so it's a nice escape from the city buildings (i was not raised in the city), but you can see skyscrapers from the lake though.

Considering how many tourists New York gets, you giving a suggestion would probably still turn-out useful more easily than a suggestion from someone even from just upstate New York.

Yeah, your right I was not thinking about that. =^.^= I thought that the person who posted the question was maybe trying to find new places to run.

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