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Dollars for Pixels
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What's the highest amount of real money you've ever spent to obtain something in your favorite online game (new armor, better weapons, special powers, etc)? What makes the game worthy of spending your hard-earned cash on it?

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I never spent more than 50 euros in a game. It was to upgrade one or two armors, but other than that, I made trades with others players, or sold items I got while playing to have enough money to buy stuff. Sometimes I put some cash from my cell phone. I have unlimited text messages (they are free), and I never call anyone, so I have a "big" sum that I sometimes need to use.

Now I don't need to put money in a game anymore because I have everything I need.
(the game is 4story/ Gates of Andaron btw, french server)

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