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Check It Out
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could only check one journal, community, or feed a day on LiveJournal, which would it be? Why is it a must-see for you?

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Without a doubt, my friend list.

For me its getithere because I like to see what people are requesting to read and (fanfiction) and if it interests me I read it too :)

I go in there everyday

friendly_crips...because it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Oh thanks, friend! You're definitely not alone and at least one person has joined friendly_crips because you mentioned it here. I'm going now to update the comm's profile to make it clear that people don't have to be disabled to join us.

Livejoural is no longer the relevant social hub that it once was years ago. Compared to the community that it was when I joined back in JAN 2004, Livejournal is as much a social community as a lone riverboat casino establishment is Las Vegas. It really is sad in a way.
But I have too much time invested in my own journal to leave it to fall by the wayside like many of its original users have.

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