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Soy Burgers Again?
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you ate school lunches as a kid, what menu item did you most dread seeing on the week's menu list? Or, if you more often brought a lunch from home, what did you hope wasn't inside your lunchbox or bag when you opened it up? What made this item so revolting for you?

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When I was in middle school we alwas ate the same thing : rice or noodles.

Sometimes we were lucky and ate fries.
If the food was good no problem, but the rice and noodles where completely flavorless, and we didn't have anything like tomato sauce to have some taste. It was as if we ate water... We were dreading just going here.

In high school it was not perfect but much better, we had more meat, vegetables, and the noodles and rice were much better!
But I always dreaded their shark steak. Yes, shark steak. Horrible. Other than that the food was good!

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High school or middle school?

I see your profile says you're in France, is that where you went to school as well?

Je parle Français aussi, mais je suis Américaine.

The nastiest thing in our school lunches (Catholic school archdioses lunches) was the salsbury steak. Ew. I usually brought my lunch though, but I had the unfortunate experience of eating that once and having to view it multiple times. The best was the mac & cheese.

I brought lunch from home most of the time and the one thing I didn't look forward to having was banana's, because as much as I love eating them at home, having them in your school bag was just trouble - 1) they would stink out your school bag - 2) they bruise easily in your lunch box and who wants to eat bruised banana's lol!

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