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Young and Old
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could do so, how would you spend the day with a younger version of yourself -- where would you go and what would you do? Now that you're older and wiser, what advice would you give that younger you?

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I am just trying to see if I was able to get this thing to work. Most of the instructions are in Russian. D

this seems fun to answer. hmmm... a younger version of me? well, i think if i had the budget it'd treat her to whatever she likes at the moment. play some games with her, board games, ps2, etc. if i had to give her advice.... i'd say that "pain is better felt than indifference. i'd rather trust and hurt than to give anyone the cold shoulder." and hopefully, that advice would have made me into a better person if i had learned it sooner.

"Learn hypnosis. Soon as possible. It's easy. Here's a book. No, it hasn't been written. You haven't written it yet.

"Also, fuck more once you're legal, smoke less, get comfy going naked and - hey, why are you running towards those coppers? Oh, shit ..."

If money wasn't a problem I'd totally take her shopping for clothes I (we) love that fit me at that age. I've gained so much weight. I would also tell her to actually exercise, and once she sees the future version of herself, I think she'll do it. We don't like being so fat and out of shape. I would tell her to dump Ted after a year, because the next 2 years with him are useless and a waste of time, and to beg Steve not to marry his wife.

I will love her forever .

Isn't it sad that YOUNG doesn't listen to OLD regardless of what you say or how much money you might have to spend on them.
As for YOUNG, my time would be spent finding out what interests they have and spending time listeningn and if asked for advice, tell YOUNG about love, respect, kindness, with lots of affection to help them endure what is ahead in life.

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