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Mirror, Mirror
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
If you could be any fairy tale character, which one would you be? What would be best about being your chosen character?

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Definitely the little mermaid. I love the water and would love to be a mermaid and live in water.

Did you ever read the true story from Hans Christian Andersen? It's a very different tale than Disney tells. Then again, Disney always gets it wrong.


Yeah I know... And no I'm too afraid to read the real thing... The Grimm fairytales are... well... grim.

You should read them though; you see a lot of things differently when you know how the stories really go.

Yeah... I tried... that's enough for me :)

Some were disturbing, but most were just boring and hard to get through LOL.

See, I'm weird. I was reading the Blue and Red Fairy books when I was 7...

I never even heard of those....

Puss in Boots :-)

Cunning, mischevious, brave, clever... Also devilishly sexy (in the cat world).

In Angela Carter's version of puss in boots he helps his hopeless human friend attract a beautiful princess and save her from an evil husband. He is also a brilliant thief and very acrobatic, some skills I wouldn't mind having :-)

What's not to love?

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