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Suits or Shorts
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Do the clothes you wear to work or school reflect your personality, or are they a 'costume' to fit into the image of who your boss/colleagues/teachers expect you to be? What would you wear instead of 'the status quo' if it were up to you?

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Only FOUR answers?! I've noticed that the replies to WRITER'S BLOCK have dropped from the hundreds to double digits lately. I wonder why?

It's because you now have to opt into the community instead of seeing the writer's block question on your LJ home page.

Ah, well that explains it. Quite a dramatic drop though.

That was a step back, imo. I'd rather just go to my LJ home page whenever I have a writer's block and otherwise not see the WB questions at all.

That's true...not to mention its hard for new users to navigate and figure that out (I speak from experience) :P

At least it's not related to Russian politics (which some interruptions to LJ are)! ;)

Actually, I'd really like to know more about Russian politics SINCE it affects Livejournal. yet I see things on the LJ home page that frequently I have little interest in and other times are actually offensive (yet I cannot filter it).

That sums up Writer's Block pretty much!

Though the questions used to be better, or seemed so.

Are you saying you don't know? They used to be more generalised and much less USA and middle class hetero specific. They've become much more geared to a particular audience in the last year. I've always enjoyed seeing other people's answers, but when the questions become more leading and loaded, that's hard to do.

When I had an office job in the same company where my husband still works, the underlings in hubby's department were allowed to wear jeans every day. My boss was somewhat stricter, she wanted us to wear "business casual". Then hubby got promoted and they told him he had to wear pretty much everything except a suit jacket to work every day, and he couldn't skip the jacket if he was doing a hearing. A couple years after I left, they changed the policy again and allowed everyone to wear jeans to work every day (unless, as I said, hubby was due in court). My husband works for a company which has almost no contact with the outside world unless it's actually "client day", so I never understood why my boss was so insistent on "business casual" when hubby's boss was fine with everyone wearing jeans--not like anyone outside the company was going to see or care how you were dressed!

Достал(а) уже со своей уёбищной подъёбкой дрочить на всех статьях. Неужели ума совсем нет что на это гавно никто уже не поведётся?

I would wear what make me feel most comfortable to anywhere i go.

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