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Hey, Aren't You...
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Tell us a story about a personal brush with celebrity. Did a movie star stroll by in the park, were you on an elevator or plane ride with a rock star, or was there that one time (perhaps at band camp) where That One Guy was a special guest?

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Hmm..let' see...

Okay so there's Fred Turner from BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) who is a family friend. My grandparents and his parents were best friends so we had annual family picnics together. If we got rained out, we'd go to Fred's house and have jam sessions in the basement.

At the Olympics, I met tons of athletes, working as an athletes' marshall. I was having a convo with a US athlete at one point and Lindsay Vaugh walked up and interrupted us. I stood 5 feet away from Anne Murray, Bobby Orr, Steve Nash, Donald Sutherland, Barbara Ann Scott, Michael Buble, Avril Levigne, William Shatner, and a few others at various times in the tunnel. I also had a brief conversation with Nancy Green.

Living in Vancouver, AKA Hollywood North, I've seen plenty of celebs over the years. We just take it in stride.

In 2 weeks, I will get to meet Rick Hansen, which I am REALLY excited about!

Have my text set to the HTML and I'm having trouble posting, again!

I'm sorry that this hasn't been fixed yet -- it's unfortunately been very hard to track down reliable.

I did just think of a possible work-around, though, since you're using the HTML editor -- do you mind doing a little test post for me to try it out? This works for me, but I'm not having the base trouble of blank entries, so it's not a perfect test in my case. It'd be better to have someone try it who is getting the blank entries.

Again, this is if you've already got your default editor set to the HTML version.

1) Go to today's WB question: http://writersblock.livejournal.com/265991.html

2) Click the 'Answer' button. The standard entry editor will popup. Since you're now using the HTML editor, you'll see this line of code:

<lj-template name="qotd" id="3763" lang="en_LJ" />

3) Select that line and 'cut' it (so that you have it stored in memory -- or copy it to a Notepad window or something -- you just need to be able to paste it back in at a later step).

4) Type your answer to the question and post your entry. It should post successfully, yes?

5) Assuming it posted OK, now edit it and insert that copied line of code at the top of the entry. Give it a couple line breaks after it, before your answer.

6) Save the entry and view it -- does it now display both the question 'block' and then your answer?

7) If so, now visit http://www.livejournal.com/misc/latestqotd.bml?qid=3763 and see if your entry appears with the rest now.

If that works, it'd be one extra step for you to post, but you'd get a non-blank entry and it would appear on the answers page with all the other answers. So, not perfect, but at least a possible option for now.

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That did work. Thanks a million!

Is this maybe by the replies to Writer's Block have gone from the hundreds to the double digits? Technical issues?

I was going to answer this... you know, write a nice little slice of lifey thing... But my own celebrity encounter was SO far beyond description that it wasn't possible.

I once met Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

I'm not Christian; if anything I am the archetype of a heathen/pagan.

But... Wow. I spent perhaps three minutes speaking with her, and listened to a very brief lecture/address from her, and it changed my life.

I was in the Marines in 2003. Just after the invasion of Iraq was winding down and the Army was coming in and setting up to occupy the place, I was in Kuwait waiting on a flight home. Conan 'O Brian came and visited us. I got to talk with him for a few minutes and take a picture with him. He challenged one of the Marines in the crowd to a push-up contest and won! He's actually a very tall and muscular guy. I still have the picture of us to this day.

You guys are supposded to be posting these responses in your own journals not responding to the post.

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