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Local Favorite
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
You're having guests for the weekend -- what one local restaurant is at the top of the list for your visitors, and what dishes will you be recommending? (Links to the restaurant's website always welcome, in case readers are ever in your area!)

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Unfortunately, my favorite restaurant no longer exists :-(

When I was single, there was a marvelous local restaurant not far from me, called the Mongolian Cafe. The concept is a simple one--rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, uncooked meat, and sauces. Make your selections, place them in a bowl, put a binder clip on the bowl so that the server knows which bowl goes to which table, and when it's cooked the server brings it to you. While not a new concept in Asian cuisine, it was the only one of its type local to me. There's a chain restaurant called Genghis Grill which is essentially the same concept. However, the difference between them and Mongolian Cafe is that MC had pretty large bowls, and you could refill your bowl as often as you liked for one price. GG has bizarrely angled bowls, so you can't fill them very full, and they're not only more expensive than MC was, but they charge you $3 each time you want to refill your bowl. While some of the spice/sauce selections were more interesting at GG, it's not worth paying more upfront, and especially not worth $3/bowl for a refill. Broke my heart when Mongolian Cafe closed! :-(

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