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Well, Excuse Me
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Tell us of your latest encounter with someone being rude to you or to someone around you. Did you call them on their rudeness? If not, what do you now wish you'd said to them?

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One of my coworkers asked me if I bought my tie in the sixties. It was a couple of years old and silk. He wear polyester suits and ties. I laughed.

Don't knock polyester...
I wear polyester trousers from "Chums" - used to advertise in the papers, buy 3 pairs get a fourth free....
cheap cheerful and more than good enough for work.
Wool trousers cost more and always wear out at the crotch.

As for ties.... I have a few but rarely wear them, I have a number of past company ties (they were always polyester, cleap and easy to wipe after a trip to the canteen) but also a few silk ties. I wish I still had the kipper ties I wore with Harris Tweed at college in the 1970's....

As I get older I go out a lot less, and need to impress less. At work it's poly trousers and a cotton twill shirt from Cotton Traders. Shoes by Sterling or Doc Martins, I need toecaps. And the company pays for them.

If I had bought my clothes in the 60's I wouldn't be able to get into them now ;-)

but how old are you if he thinks you were buying ties in the sixties?

Yeah I did its in my latest journal. So if you wanna find out what please read and tell me your thoughts

yes i have a lady was staring at me and said "may you please stop staring it is very rude".

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