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Oh Journal, Where Art Thou?
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What subject do you wish there was a LiveJournal community for, but you haven't been able to find one about it yet? (Readers, feel free to point someone in the right direction if you know where to find what they're looking for.)

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Since it's showing up blank in my own journal as usual

It's not so much about finding a community but finding an ACTIVE one. I want to get self-published but have no idea how to go about it. The comms I've found specifically on the subject are dead.

actually, I was able to read your response fine when I checked the "view". o.o

I saw it there too. I have no idea what's going on.

This has happened to you before as well, you say?

Because, otherwise, I'd assume it's a leftover glitch from the earlier crash:

My answers don't show up either.
So I tried to post my answer again, as a comment to my answer. But nothing shows up :(

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