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Letters from Home
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Do you still write letters to friends or family? (Actual written letters, not emails.) Does a handwritten letter mean more to you when you receive one, or do you find yourself wishing they'd typed it out so it was more legible?

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I haven't handwritten anything in a long time. I do wish I'd been more outgoing as a child and written to my aunts and cousins, maybe I would still have some family relationships to take comfort in. My grandmother was a letter-writer and just remembering the pages is a good memory, I can see her handwriting in my mind. And I've always loved getting things in the mail (well, except past-due notices, but that's another story). I had a couple pen pals when I was pre-teen, they didn't last long.

Only when I'm in vacation and write a postcard.

I’m not exactly a letter writer, but I send postcards to family and friends occasionally. I love to choose nice or unusual cards, often with an underline.
I absolutely prefer a written card/ letter over e-mail. But seeing around me, I think I’m in a minority.

Yes we have, it was very legible.

I usually call my family instead of writing to them. It is much faster.

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