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Fan Me
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
What was your first fandom, and are you still active in it? How did you participate in this fandom (discussion lists or communities, fan art, fanfiction, conventions, etc)? Link us to your favorite LJ journals/comms about this fandom.

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For some reason, when I do these and post them, my answers don't show up at all. You don't see them under the question box or anything. Is this happening to anyone else?

Anyway my first fandom was Heroes. It was the first fandom that I got active in as far as discussions, reading and writing fanfic. Then I migrated over to Star Trek 2009. Heroes was active when the show first came out and I think that is what got me into it. Star Trek 2009 wasn't even out then. I never really shipped anything in Harry Potter and other fandoms that I was interested in were long dead like Highlander. My favorite Heroes comms are still mylar_fic and sylar_peter. For Trek it's spock_uhura and spockmccoy.

I see that this is happening to a few people, but I've not been able to reproduce it myself in any browser. Can you try disabling any browser add-ons/scripts that you use (all of them) and then try posting again, to see if it is something like that interfering? If that doesn't help, please reply to let me know what browser/version you're using.

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