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Interior Decorating
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
When you were a kid, what posters and pictures adorned your room's walls -- TV/movie stars, singers/bands, athletes, Einstein, bio-hazard warning signs? Why were they worthy of display (and did your parents ever yell at you to take them down)?

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When I was a teeno, most of my posters came from Sugar & J17 mags. I had ones of Benjie McNair (Mal from neighbours), Jesse Spencer (Billy from neighbours), Paul Nichols (was that his name? From another soap can't remember which) and Leonardo DiCaprio, titanic-aged! I think they were mostly topless ones, LOL!!

A bit later on as I became more gothy/emo, I had two HUGE Skunk Anansie promotional posters that I'd bought at an SA gig. That iconic one of Kurt Cobain with the guitar. Possibly a surfing one?
This is all I can remember.

Right now my only poster is a map of the world. I like having a map of the world up, it reminds me of my goals and dreams and how many places there are still to discover..

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