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Old School
lj_bot wrote in writersblock
Which classic arcade game was always your favorite as a kid? When you come across an old Galaga, Donkey Kong, or Ms. Pac Man machine (whatever your favorites were), do you still like to toss a quarter at them to take one more shot at the high scores list?

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It's Galaga for me, Pac-man was another one that I enjoyed for kicks and giggles when the opportunity presented itself.
Never mind, I actually have both for my Nintendo 64.

super mario bros. 3. i loved that game. still have it.

I have a Wii and the only games I have ever bought for it are Super Mario Brother's games. I LOVE it. Just bought Mario Galaxy Part One last week. Will be getting part 2 soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE Super Mario Brothers.

I'd have to go with donkey kong.

Classic arcade game was always your favorite as a kid


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